Spirit vs PSG.LGD. Riyahd Masters match prediction

On July 22, there will be a meeting between Spirit and PSG.LGD, for which our experts will try to provide an accurate prediction.

Our predictions and expert analysis on Spirit vs PSG.LGD


Spirit hadn't held any official matches since the end of the major, so it wasn't clear what form they would take to the tournament. Nevertheless, the team achieved the main goal for the season and got a ticket to The International, and now they can feel extremely comfortable.

The Dragons managed to play only two matches at this championship. First, they tied with Gaimin Gladiators, and after that they parted ways with Evil Geniuses.

Spirit vs PSG.LGD


PSG.LGD at Bali Major could only get to the fourth round of the lower bracket, after which they lost to Quest with a score of 0:2. At Riyahd Masters, the team also played two matches. In the first case, she proved her superiority over OG (2:0), and in the second match she tied with Gaimin Gladiators.

Now the team is in second place in the Group A table and, in general, has every chance of getting into the upper bracket of the playoffs.

Spirit vs PSG.LGD Facts

  • 1st map: Spirit wins - in two out of three matches against PSG.LGD Spirit won on the first map.

Game Totals Prediction

Matches between Spirit and PSG.LGD usually take place in a tense struggle and often end in a draw within BO2. "Dragons" in this format are used to playing for a draw, and the Chinese rarely get a win. Based on the fact that the teams are approximately equal in strength, we suggest betting on a draw.

Prediction - draw for 2.05 in Mostbet.

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