Outsiders vs Spirit. PGL Major match prediction

Prediction and bet on Outsiders vs Spirit, statistics, odds. Outsiders will meet with Spirit on August 10, and we, in turn, will make a prediction for this event. Who will be better?

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Outsiders vs Spirit


Outsiders made it to the playoffs from the second position and had a very good group stage. In general, with the arrival of Ramzes, the team immediately began to show a good game and look worthy at the tier-1 level. Recall that after the defeat from PSG.LGD, the "bears" rehabilitated themselves and proved their superiority over OG (2:0) and Soniqs (2:0).

Thus, the team scored ten points and immediately reached the quarterfinals. Note that the team has adjusted to the meta well and began to take the optimal heroes. At the same time, her drafts are varied, and she is always able to surprise her opponent.

Outsiders vs Spirit


There is always more to be expected from Spirit as they are still the reigning champions of The International. The team showed they are in good shape as they finished second at the Riyahd Masters. At this championship, the “spirits” have so far obtained only three victories, and also tied three times.

After an unconvincing duel against BOOM, the Spirits did a great job with Natus Vincere and won back the opponent's advantage on both maps. Of course, the team, first of all, relies on their skill, because now they are far from succeeding in the macro game.

Outsiders vs Spirit facts

  • Total over 2.5 cards: Three out of four matches with the participation of Spirit ended with a score of 1:1.

Game Totals Prediction

Spirit are in pretty good shape, but Outsiders are in good shape too. Last time in the Dota Pro Circuit, the "bears" managed to deal with the "spirits" twice, but we do not think that the "spirits" will lose this time either. Still, the “spirituals” have a higher individual skill, and if they do not make a mistake in the draft, they can count on the semi-finals. Our prediction is Spirit's victory in 2.00 in Mostbet.

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