Liquid vs Astralis. BLAST Premier match prediction

Liquid will face Astralis on July 22. What should you bet on in this confrontation? Find out in our prediction

Our predictions and expert analysis on Liquid vs Astralis


Liquid look more or less good at this tournament and have already managed to beat strong opponents like G2 Esports (2:1) and FaZe Clan (2:1). True, in the final meeting, the "liquid" were still defeated by the "phases" with a score of 0:2.

That match obviously did not take place under their dictation, and on both maps the “horses” failed to score more than 11 rounds. It is noteworthy that all the players completed that meeting with negative indicators.

Liquid vs Astralis


Astralis have been playing for a very short time in this line-up, so you should definitely not expect serious results in their performance in the near future. Plus, the team has already lost twice in this tournament, having failed to cope with Natus Vincere (1:2) and BIG (1:2).

Fortunately, in the final meeting with Complexity, the Danes found the strength and dealt with the opponent with a score of 2:0. Plus, they literally crushed the Americans on the Overpass map, allowing them to take only four rounds.

Liquid vs Astralis Facts

  • Total over 2.5 maps - the last two out of three matches involving Liquid took place on three maps.

Game Totals Prediction

Astralis, after two defeats in a row, pulled themselves together and showed a good game in the confrontation with Complexity. Liquid, on the contrary, lost momentum, losing to FaZe Clan with a rout. At the moment, the Danes have a higher winrate percentage on many maps, so we believe that they have every chance of success in the upcoming match.

Our prediction - Astralis win for 2.25 in Mostbet.

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