The essence and rules of playing Aviator at Mostbet

There is plenty of information on the internet about quick and easy ways to make money. One of them is gambling. The Aviator app is one of them.


Aviator - a hundred per cent win guarantee

Aviator is an online multiplayer game developed by Spribe. Among players, it is known as Planeswalker. The app first became in Mostbet known in 2020. At the same time, it began to rapidly gain popularity due to the simplicity of the gameplay and the tempting idea of making money quickly and effortlessly. It's a quality crash game that allows you to relax, have fun, and make a fortune at the same time.

The developers of the app guarantee a multiple increase in the prize money and virtually no withdrawal fees. They also claim that Aviator is not just fun, but also a stable source of income.
Differences between the game and other similar apps:
  • Aviator is designed on the basis of a random number generator, which guarantees fair winnings;
  • The odds are always x1 when the plane takes off, but the numbers increase irregularly with each passing second. This makes it interesting to play, because it is impossible to predict for sure when the aircraft will stop;
  • The developers of the game guarantee a payback to the player, the payback percentage is 97%;
  • The game is available on different platforms (Android, iOS, PC);
  • The app has online statistics that are constantly updated.

The meaning of the game Aviator

The aviator represents an aircraft gradually gaining altitude within the odds that are tied to the player's bet. The aim is to stop the aircraft in time to collect the winnings. The main thing is not to miss the right moment, otherwise the money will fly away with the plane, and the game will have to start over.
aviator bets
Aviator consists of rounds, each of which begins automatically. The break between them is 5 seconds, and the duration is no more than a minute. The player can skip a round if they wish, without losing any money.

The rules of the app are simple and straightforward:
  • In each round, a bet is placed. To do this, enter the amount you are prepared to risk and press the "bet" button;
  • Keep a close eye on the plane's flight to stop it in time;
  • When you're ready to hit the jackpot, press "cash out". If you stop the plane in time, you'll get the amount multiplied by the coefficient tied to the bet. If, on the other hand, you don't catch it in time, all the money is burned and the round starts all over again;
  • The odds for each round are the same for all players;
  • Aviator is only available to authorised users of the casino or betting shop.
What makes Aviator special is its simplicity, which means that even a novice can understand the application. The developers have done their best to attract as many players as possible to their project. Therefore, the game is famous for its colourful gameplay, high odds and one hundred per cent guarantee of winning.

What a beginner needs to know about Aviator

A new player to Aviator should remember that:
  • The application is based on random algorithms, so there is a chance of losing;
  • Do not bet too much at first;
  • Understand the operation of the game, its mechanisms, and only then place a bet;
  • Remember, this is entertainment and a way to have a good time, not a hundred percent chance of winning;
  • Do not play for more than an hour; after a certain amount of time, your attention span is reduced and your brainwork becomes less intense;
  • Choose a tactic for yourself and stick to it;
  • It is recommended to bet 2-5% of the total balance of the account.

How to play Aviator

To play Aviator, go to the bookmaker's website, where the app is available, or to the official website of the game, register and top up your wallet. After that, make bets using the special button and watch the flight of the aircraft. Remember that you have to stop the plane in time, otherwise all the money you bet will be burned.

If you are not confident in your abilities, then tie your money to a certain odds. When the plane reaches it, the system will automatically calculate your winnings and transfer them to your account.
No skills or knowledge is needed to play the game. Everything is quite simple and transparent.

Two unique features in Aviator Games

It is important for the newcomer to know the two main functions of the Aviator:
  • Autoplay. The player sets the odds at which the bet closes. Once the plane reaches this mark, the system will automatically calculate the winnings;
autoplay aviator
  • Statistics. This feature allows the newcomer to identify the algorithm of the game so that he can bet and win more easily, form his own strategy, make sure the payouts are real and get motivated by looking at the results of popular players.

Frequently asked questions about Aviator

Aviator Spribe game duration

Aviator is a fast game, consisting of rounds that last no more than a minute. The exact time depends on the odds and the speed of the plane.

What is the biggest and smallest rate at Aviator

The size of the bet is regulated by the website on which Aviator is presented, as this figure is set by the bookmaker's office itself or the online casino website. As a rule, the minimum amount to play is $0.5 and the maximum is $100. The game allows you to make two bets at the same time. A maximum of around $10,000 can be won.

What is the biggest and smallest factor in Aviator

The highest multiplier available in the game is x100. But the plane reaches it very rarely, about once every hundred rounds. Players note that there are higher odds, but the payout is only up to x100. The lowest coefficient in Aviator is x1, with which the flight of the aircraft begins. The odds drop much more often than x100. To stop the plane at the right odds, follow the game algorithm and develop your own winning strategy.

Is it possible to play Aviator for free

The developers offer the opportunity to play Aviator for free. To do this, go to the website where the app is presented, select it and then the demo mode. There is no need to register. However, the incomplete version of Aviator will not bring the same range of emotions as when playing for real money. Most importantly, the winnings are not available for withdrawal. The demo version only allows you to get to know the game and its mechanisms externally.
Aviator is a gambling game that has quickly gained popularity due to its simple gameplay, loyalty to newcomers and the idea of pulling off a quick and effortless jackpot. Like any application of this kind, Aviator is known for both good and bad reviews. Therefore, whether to play or not is a personal decision for everyone. The table shows the pros and cons of Aviator.

simple gameplaywinning is a matter of luck
refund systemthe money is not always returned to the player's account
real time statisticsnegative feedback from many players
the opportunity to win large sums of money

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