PSG.LGD vs Spirit. PGL Major match prediction

Prediction and bet on PSG.LGD vs Spirit, statistics, odds. In the upper bracket final on August 13, PSG.LGD will face Spirit. Will the "dragons" be able to compete for victory in this confrontation?

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on PSG.LGD vs Spirit


PSG.LGD show excellent results in this championship and lost only on two maps. In the course of the tournament, the Chinese got into optimal shape, although before that they were not stable even in their region. At the moment, the team is on a series of five victories.

In the playoffs, LGD managed to prove superiority over BOOM (2:0), and also beat OG with a score of 2:1 in an incredibly tough fight, having a full-fledged comeback on the third map. It is worth saying that the Chinese rarely make mistakes in drafts and are almost always confident in their heroes.

PSG.LGD vs Spirit


Before the start of the tournament, few thought that Spirit would be able to reach the semi-finals. Throughout the season, the team performed unstable, but closer to The International, it began to enter its optimal condition. Second place at the Riyahd Masters, and now - the opportunity to get into the final of the major.

The "Dragons" defeated (2:1), but the confrontation with Aster turned out to be too easy for them, since they got the victory on both maps in less than 45 minutes. "Spirits" significantly diversified the pool of heroes and perfectly fit into the meta. They are very "flexible", and at the same time inconvenient for many opponents.

PSG.LGD vs Spirit facts

  • Total over 2.5 cards: The last match with PSG.LGD took place on three maps.

Game Totals Prediction

PSG.LGD are again considered the clear favorite of the fight. However, OG in the last stage of the playoffs already showed that they can be beaten, and were very close to this. "Dragons" are now in great shape - exactly in the one in which they won the victory at The International. We think that the meeting will not be easy for the Chinese team. Given the ability of the "spirits" to adapt to the opponent, they can succeed. Our prediction is Spirit 's victory at 3.15 in Mostbet.

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