PSG.LGD vs BB Team. The International Match Prediction

Prediction and bet on PSG.LGD vs BB Team, statistics, odds. On October 18, PSG.LGD will face BB Team in the last match of the group stage. Should I bet on the victory of the Chinese?

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PSG.LGD started this tournament poorly and had a bad first day, but subsequently pulled themselves together. Now the team has returned to its optimal shape and began to demonstrate a quality game. Recall that she managed to give out a series of four victories and beat strong opponents in the face of OG, Liquid and RNG.

True, in the final meeting, the Chinese still tied with Gaimin Gladiators, although they significantly outnumbered the opponent in class. It is worth mentioning that LGD have almost secured their place in the upper bracket of the playoffs, but they will no longer be able to take the first place in the group, since it went to EG.

PSG.LGD vs BB Team

BB Team

BB Team lost their chances of getting into the playoffs. The team, most likely, will remain on the penultimate line of the standings. To get into the lower bracket, she needs to beat PSG.LGD in some incredible way, but this, of course, will not happen, because she has not won a single victory before.

BBs have a huge problem with drafts and collect items that are not suitable for the game, which is why they cannot cope with the rest of the outsiders. Recall that the last two meetings the team ended in a draw against Soniqs and OG.

PSG.LGD vs BB Team Facts

  • Map 1: PSG.LGD win: in the past five matches, LGD have won on the first map.

Game Totals Prediction

PSG.LGD have finally reached their optimal form and began to demonstrate the results that are expected of them. The team won the majority of the matches and, of course, must win the upcoming confrontation in order to secure second place in the table. BB Team look very bad and probably won't surprise you with anything. Our bet is the victory of PSG.LGD for 1.45 in Mostbet.

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