Liquid vs Vitality. ESL Pro League Match Prediction

Prediction and bet on Liquid vs Vitality, statistics, odds. On October 2, Liquid will sort things out with Vitality in the final of the ESL Pro League tournament. What will be the outcome of the last match of the event?

Our predictions and expert analysis on Liquid vs Vitality


Liquid gradually got in shape and showed good results from tournament to tournament. Now the team is absolutely confident in their abilities. Note that she managed to deal with Cloud9 twice. In the first case, they did it in the final match of the group stage, and in the second time they beat the "clouds" in the semi-final with a score of 2:1.

The meeting was held in a tense struggle, and at the decisive Dust2, the "liquid" had to make a small comeback, but in the end they got the victory with a three-round difference - 16:13. By the way, oSee is running a great tournament. Previously, the sniper was not marked by a good game, but now he finishes almost every match on the first line.

Liquid vs Vitality


Vitality also got in great shape and lost only two maps for the entire tournament. The team is well prepared tactically, and each player individually is now very strong. Recall that in the playoffs, the team managed to deal with the Outsiders (2:0), and also proved its superiority over G2 Esports with a score of 2:0, although it was initially considered a small underdog.

In the previous meeting, Vitality defeated the opponent at Mirage, giving him only eight rounds, and at Inferno they had an impressive comeback and won in overtime - 19:16. It is noteworthy that ZywOo completed the last 11 cards with positive indicators.

Cloud9 vs Movistar Riders Facts

  • Total under 4.5 maps: Vitality ended the previous three matches with a score of 2:0.

Game Totals Prediction

Vitality show an excellent game at this championship and it is no coincidence that they are considered the favorite in the duel with Liquid. “Liquid”, of course, also ended up in the finals for a reason, but still, earlier they did not look so confident. Vitality gave away only two cards at this event, so we suggest betting on their success. Moreover, the last meeting between the teams ended in their favor with a score of 2:0. Our prediction is Vitality's victory with a handicap (-1.5) on cards for 2.10 in Mostbet.

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