Gaimin Gladiators vs BB Team. Prediction for ESL One Malaysia Match

Prediction and bet on Gaimin Gladiators vs BB Team, statistics, odds. On July 30, there will be a meeting between Gaimin Gladiators and BB Team, for which our site will present a prediction.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Gaimin Gladiators vs BB Team

Gaimin Gladiators

Gaimin Gladiators have always shown good results in online tournaments, so it's not surprising that they feel confident in the qualifiers as well. Recall that the team managed to play three matches in the qualifiers. She defeated cybercats (2:0) and Natus Vincere (2:0), and suffered the only defeat in a duel with Entity Gaming - 1:2.

Even in the last meeting, the Gladiators had excellent chances of success, but on the second and third maps they made blunders at the draft stage. However, we can say that now they are in good shape.

Gaimin Gladiators vs BB Team

BB Team

BB Team has recently started playing together relative to others, but immediately began to show decent results at the tier-1 level. There was not a single match where the team lost without a fight. The qualifiers started badly for BB, because in one of the opening matches they lost to Entity Gaming (1:2).

However, Daxak and the company pulled themselves together in time and achieved success in subsequent matches with Cybercats (2:1) and Natus Vincere (2:1). We emphasize that in both cases the team was inferior on the first map, but then came to its senses and proved its superiority without any problems.

Gaimin Gladiators vs BB Team facts

  • Total under 2.5 maps: two out of three matches with GG took place on less than three maps.

Game Totals Prediction

Gaimin Gladiators are in good shape at the moment and had problems only in the last match with Entity, while BB Team had difficulties in meetings with all opponents. GG has good drafts, and they use them much more confidently. Based on this, we suggest betting on their success. Our prediction - Gaimin Gladiators win for 2.00 in Mostbet.

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