Liquid vs Fnatic. Prediction for PGL Major Match

Prediction and bet on Liquid vs Fnatic, statistics, odds. On August 6, Liquid and Fnatic will meet at the PGL Major tournament. Whom to give preference to?

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Liquid vs Fnatic


Liquid are currently in fourth place in their group standings and are showing good results in this tournament. It can be seen that the team has carried out intensive preparations for this major and is ready to please its fans with an optimal line-up.

Recall that the "horses" did not suffer a single defeat. They celebrated their success against Soniqs (2:0) and also drew against OG and Thus, the "liquid" have already managed to get through a couple of uncomfortable and unpleasant rivals, practically securing a place in the playoffs. To do this, they need not to fail the remaining matches.

Liquid vs Fnatic


Fnatic arrived at the tournament as a solid middle player who can fight back against any opponent, but is unlikely to fight for high positions. True, now the team is on the fifth line of the table and is only one point behind the same Liquid.

However, unlike the opponent, the Fnatics did not win a single victory in the tournament. They drew three times against OG, and Royal Never Give Up, and also lost in the final match with PSG.LGD with a score of 0:2, losing on both maps in less than 40 minutes.

Liquid vs Fnatic facts

  • Map 1: Liquid win: In two matches out of three, Liquid won on the first map.

Game Totals Prediction

Liquid are in good shape and show decent results at this championship. They draft well, and the players themselves perform well on their heroes. Fnatic are one level below their rival and had a hard time drawing with him at the last major. We think that now the “liquid” ones are able to prove their superiority. Our prediction - Liquid win at 2.30 in Mostbet.

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