Cloud9 vs MOUZ. IEM Rio Major match prediction

Prediction and bet on Cloud9 vs MOUZ, statistics, odds. Cloud9 is in fantastic shape, is there a chance for MOUZ on November 10th?

Our predictions and expert analysis on Cloud9 vs MOUZ


Cloud9 are getting in shape every month and are now ready to fight for the victory at the Major. Sh1ro is currently one of the best players in the tournament, and with him the team won all the opening matches and guaranteed a place in the quarterfinals a long time ago. The opponents represented by Na`Vi (16:14) and FaZe (16:14) were extremely serious.

In the match against Heroic (2:0) there were no problems.

Cloud9 vs MOUZ


MOUZ have had mixed success in recent months, so the rocky path to the playoffs is no surprise. On the one hand, the team surprised in the confrontation with the formidable Vitality (19:17) and simply destroyed on inferno Liquid with a score of 16:12, but there were also losses from BIG (7:16) and Outsiders (0:2).

There was also a lot of intrigue in the decisive match against ENCE (2:1).

Cloud9 vs MOUZ Facts

  • Exact score 2:0: Cloud9's last four BO3 games won by a shutout.

Game Totals Prediction

In our opinion, everything is quite obvious in this pair and it is unlikely that the European mix will be able to offer at least some resistance. In all respects, C9 look more attractive, now they are simply in fantastic shape and clearly do not intend to fly out at the quarterfinal stage.

In addition, MOUZ has been very feverish lately.

Our forecast - Asian handicap (-1.5) on Cloud9 for 2.30 in bookmaker Mostbet.

We believe that you can play it safe a little and take another total on cards under. On such forums, there are occasional failures from clear favorites, who at the most inopportune moment lose 0:2. Nevertheless, we expect Cloud9 to have no problems and they will win in two maps.

We take total maps less than 2.5 for 1.72

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