Spirit vs MIBR. CCT Online Finals match prediction

Spirit will sort things out with MIBR on August 7 as part of the CCT tournament. Is it worth betting on the success of "dragons"? Look for the answer in prediction.

Our predictions and expert analysis on Spirit vs MIBR


Spirit are still outside the top 30 of the world rankings. However, after the changes in the line-up, the team gained a good momentum and began to show decent results. The Dragons proved their superiority over SAW (2:1), Movistar Riders (2:0), and also defeated Zero Tenacity with a score of 2:1.

Spirits consider Mirage and Nuke their best maps, on which they have 83% and 100% winrate respectively. The team rarely plays on Ancient and Inferno maps.

Spirit vs MIBR


MIBR take a position in the ranking next to their rival. The team looked pretty good in its region, but it's far from certain that it will also look great in Europe. Nevertheless, at this championship the Brazilians have already dealt with Anonymo (2:0) and Bad News Eagles (2:0), without giving up a single card.

By the way, "made in Brazil" on all maps, except for Mirage, have at least 60% win rate. 

Spirit vs MIBR Facts

  • Total under 2.5 maps - three past matches involving MIBR ended with a score of 2:0.

Game Totals Prediction

Spirit are now in good shape and showed themselves worthy against the backdrop of strong opponents. In our opinion, in terms of shooting, the "dragons" look better than their counterpart, and besides, they go on a long series of victories. Based on this, we take their quiz.

Our prediction is Spirit's victory at 1.47 in Mostbet.

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