Heroic vs Na'Vi. Prediction for BLAST Premier match

Heroic will take the fight against Natus Vincere on July 16, and we, in turn, will make a prediction for this event.

Our predictions and expert analysis on Heroic vs Na'Vi


Heroic are on the first line of the world ranking. The team retained good shape even after a long break and in the first official match after the holidays in this championship, they dealt with BIG with a score of 2:0. At the same time, the Danes did not experience any problems either on the first or on the second map.

"Heroes" gave the Germans only seven rounds on Overpass, and limited themselves to eight on Inferno. By the way, they took Inferno as their pick, where they now have exactly 69% win rate.

Heroic vs Na'Vi


Natus Vincere recently rebuilt their roster, but at the same time they did not look much more powerful. The team played the first official match within this championship and fought with Astralis. Even being the favorite, the team experienced obvious difficulties and dealt with its counterpart only on three maps, and lost on Ancient with a score of 8:16.

s1mple played the best of all players, finishing the match with +15, while three Na'Vi players ended the match with negative results. 

Heroic vs Na'Vi Facts

  • Total under 2.5 maps - the last three matches between the teams took place on two maps.

Game Totals Prediction

We think that Heroic will be stronger than their rival in this confrontation. The Danes looked confident in previous matches and even at this championship they managed to show their best side in the opening match. Taking into account the fact that Natus Vincere have not yet had time to play in such a roster, we suggest betting on the success of the Danes with a score of 2:0.

Our prediction is Heroic's victory with a handicap (-1.5) on maps for 2.25 in Mostbet.

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