Complexity vs MOUZ. Prediction for IEM Katowice Match

Complexity will face MOUZ on February 6 at the IEM Katowice tournament. Is it worth betting on the success of the "mice"?

Our predictions and expert analysis on Complexity vs MOUZ


Complexity are in 19th position in the world ranking. Many expected the team to be eliminated at the very early stage of the tournament, but it managed to get through the Play-In. Recall that in one of the decisive matches for herself, she dealt with ENCE (2:1). True, in the last confrontation with Heroic, the North Americans were still defeated with a score of 1:2.

At the same time, they dealt with the Danes on Vertigo, and on the last Overpass they took only eight rounds. It is noteworthy that in all meetings the team tries to take different cards with its pick. So, earlier he chose Inferno, Overpass and even Anubis.

Complexity vs MOUZ


MOUZ look very good at the moment. Of course, the last matches the team did not play in the best way, but they acted very confidently. Recall that in the previous match against OG, the team lost with a score of 1:2, while at the decisive Mirage had a comfortable advantage, but could not bring the matter to a victorious end.

Now the mice look good on Ancient and Mirage maps, where they have more than 65% win rate. It is likely that they will try to take one of them as their peak in the upcoming confrontation.

Complexity vs MOUZ Facts

  • Total over 2.5 maps: four past matches involving MOUZ took place on three maps.

Game Totals Prediction

Complexity showed a good game in past matches and even managed to take a map against Heroic. MOUZ over the past three months have only had one official match against OG, in which they were defeated. We think that even if the “mice” win the victory, they will do it on three maps. Our prediction is that Complexity will win with a handicap (+1.5) on maps for 1.60 in Mostbet.

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