Vitality vs NIP. IEM Katowice Match Prediction

Vitality will face NIP on February 4th. Is it worth betting on Vitality's success in this confrontation?

Our predictions and expert analysis on Vitality vs NIP


Vitality are in the seventh position of the world ranking. The team last year was in bad shape for a long period of time and did not have good results, but now they have come to their senses and began to play much better. Note that in the previous three official fights he celebrated victory.

Thus, the team defeated Astralis (2:0), Evil Geniuses (2:0) and even defeated Heroic with a score of 2:1, thus making it to the main stage of BLAST Premier. Vitality currently considers Ancient and Inferno to be their best maps, on which they have exactly 75% win rate.

Vitality vs NIP


NIP with the arrival of Aleksib in the composition began to look more powerful. However, so far they have not managed to really gain a foothold on the tier-1 scene, so there is a huge amount of work to be done. Plus, it recently became known that the roster left hampus, and k0nfig was invited to take its place.

In general, the roster looks very good now, so this year we can see some serious progress for the ninjas. Recall that they passed the Play-In stage without any problems, having defeated MIBR (16:13), and also dealt with Spirit with a score of 2:0.

Vitality vs NIP Facts

  • Total under 2.5 maps: three out of five matches involving NIP took place on two maps.

Game Totals Prediction

Vitality looked pretty good in recent tournaments, but we wouldn't consider them clear favorites in this confrontation. NIP have updated their roster and, in our opinion, have become stronger. At the Play-In stage, the “ninjas” also looked great, so we believe that they are able to compete for victory in the upcoming match. In addition, the bookmaker offers an inflated odds on their success. Our prediction - NIP win for 2.80 in Mostbet.

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