Vitality vs G2. BLAST Premier Match Prediction

Prediction and bet on Vitality vs G2, statistics, odds. On August 26, we will have a meeting between Vitality and G2 Esports, for which we will try to give an accurate forecast. Who will be stronger in the derby?

Our predictions and expert analysis on Vitality vs G2


Vitality are on the seventh line of the world ranking, but they do not differ in stability on the tier-1 scene. The team, even within the framework of this tournament, could not develop a series of victories. She defeated OG (16:11) and achieved success in the confrontation with NIP (16:12), but in the match with Astralis she failed with a score of 17:19.

We emphasize that the European mix has included a strong aimer in the person of Spinx, who, indeed, can greatly help change the situation for the better. At the moment, the best maps in Vitality's asset are Nuke and Overpass, on which they have exactly 57% win rate.

Vitality vs G2


G2 Esports make roster changes from time to time, but so far they have not managed to reach any heights. However, after an unsuccessful start at this championship, the team nevertheless pulled themselves together. So, after losing to Liquid and Natus Vincere G2, they defeated BIG with a score of 2:0.

Moreover, in the meeting with the Germans, the team did not experience any problems and confidently finished both maps in their favor, not allowing the opponent to score more than eight rounds. The sniper, m0nesy, demonstrated a cool game and was recognized as the best player of the match.

Vitality vs G2 Facts

  • Total over 2.5 cards: three out of four matches between the teams went with a total of 2.5 over.

Game Totals Prediction

G2 Esports are now playing just as well as Vitality, so we see every chance for a favorable outcome for them. Vitality also has big problems that they have not yet been able to solve. This summer, the teams met three times, and in two duels, NiKo and the company were able to prove their superiority. Our prediction - G2 victory for 2.25 in Mostbet.

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