FTW vs Endpoint. Prediction for ESL Challenger Match

Prediction and bet on FTW vs Endpoint. 29th of November. Which of the opponents can expect to win?

Our predictions and expert analysis on FTW vs Endpoint


FTW is ranked 72nd in the world rankings. The team has been performing on the tier-3 scene for a long period of time, but has not progressed in any way. In its composition, sometimes changes occur that do not lead to the desired results. The last replacement took place in mid-September.

We emphasize that in the last week the Portuguese actively held official matches. They lost to SAW (1:2), but later dealt with Case (2:0) and took revenge on their compatriots with a score of 2:1. It is worth mentioning that the team has more than 65% winrate only on Dust2.

FTW vs Endpoint


Endpoint  are located on the 52nd line of the world ranking. Previously, the team managed to show good results at the tier-2 level, but they were not able to get out on a long series of victories. Nevertheless, in the three previous meetings, the team celebrated victory.

He managed to deal with eSuba (2:1), MASONIC (2:0) and Arctic Raptors with a score of 2:0. The most powerful card currently in the European mix is Ancient, where he has exactly 77% win rate. With a high degree of probability, he will try to take her with his peak.

FTW vs Endpoint Facts

  • Total under 2.5 maps: the last two matches involving Endpoint took place on two maps.

Game Totals Prediction

Endpoint are currently in good shape and going on a series of three victories, therefore, in our opinion, they deserve to be considered favorites in the upcoming confrontation. FTW only recently began to get victories, and before that they looked mediocre even on the tier-3 scene. Based on this, we suggest taking a “dry” victory for Endpoint. Our prediction - Endpoint win with a handicap (-1.5) on cards for 2.15 in Mostbet bookmaker.

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