Liquid vs ENCE. Gamers8 match prediction

On August 16, an interesting duel between Liquid and ENCE awaits us. What bet to place on this event? The answer is in prediction.

Our predictions and expert analysis on Liquid vs ENCE


Liquid are ranked 12th in the world rankings. A couple of months ago, there were changes in the composition of the team, which should have had a positive impact on the results of the team, but so far it is still far from its ideal condition. So, at first the team did not play very well at BLAST Premier, and after that they failed at IEM Cologne.

Recall that the "liquid" played in Cologne in the Play-In stage, where they lost to Astralis (10:16), beat BIG (2:1) and were defeated by 9INE with a score of 1:2. By the way, now only on Vertigo “horses” have more than 50% win rate.

Liquid vs ENCE


ENCE climbed to fourth place in the world rankings after a great performance at IEM Cologne. The team had an excellent series of victories at that tournament and made it to the final, having dealt with Heroic (2:1) and Vitality (2:1) along the way. However, in the grand final, the Entz still failed to cope with G2 Esports and lost with a score of 1:3.

It is worth saying that at the moment ENCE feel most comfortable on the Nuke map, where they have an 82% win rate, but do not play on Inferno at all. 

Liquid vs ENCE Facts

  • Total over 2.5 maps - three out of five matches involving ENCE took place on three maps.

Game Totals Prediction

If ENCE show the same game as in the previous tournament, IEM Cologne, then they, of course, must deal with Liquid, who still cannot get into optimal shape in the updated roster. In addition, at the tournament in Cologne, the Entz dealt with more powerful opponents than the Horses. Based on this, we suggest betting on their success.

Our prediction - ENCE victory for 1.60 in Mostbet.

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