9 Pandas vs BB Team. Dota Pro Circuit Match Prediction

On May 27, 9 Pandas will take the fight against BB Team, and we, in turn, will make a prediction for this confrontation. Will the pandas be able to win?

Our predictions and expert analysis on 9 Pandas vs BB Team

9 Pandas

9 Pandas did very well at the last major, so they should be able to get to the next one without any problems. So far, the team is going through the season without defeat and has nine points to its credit. Recall that in all three fights he celebrated success.

However, only in the final confrontation with One Move "pandas" managed to get a "dry" victory, but in the fights against Nemiga and UALEIKUMNIHA they gave up the card. We emphasize that the team is great at playing at the pace, and also often wins lanes, thanks to which it gets an advantage in the early stages.

9 Pandas vs BB Team

BB Team

BB Team are one of the strongest teams in the CIS region at the moment. She usually has a great qualifier and plays in a major. However, the result at the Majors themselves, as a rule, leaves much to be desired. Even at the previous event BB couldn't get out of the group.

But in all three previous meetings within the Dota Pro Circuit, the team achieved success with a score of 2:0. In the last two matches, he proved superior to both Virtus.pro and One Move. The BBs are now relying on more stable and proven drafts that don't require a high level of execution, but that's not to say they don't play well.

9 Pandas vs BB Team Facts

  • 1st map: win 9 Pandas - in three matches out of four, Pandas won on the first map.

Game Totals Prediction

9 Pandas looked better in the Major, and also go undefeated in the DPC. The Pandas have more interesting drafts and are quite capable of surprising the BB Team. It is likely that the meeting between the teams will turn out to be tense, but due to the better play on the lanes, 9 Pandas will have more chances of success.

Prediction - victory of 9 Pandas for 1.85 in Mostbet.

The previous match between the teams, which took place last month, ended in a draw in BO2. The teams are approximately equal in strength and occupy leading positions in the DPC table, so it is highly likely that the outcome of the confrontation will be decided on the third map.

We bet on a total of more than 2.5 cards for 1.88 in Mostbet bookmaker.

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