Nemiga vs Hellraisers. Prediction for the match Dota Pro Circuit

Nemiga will face Hellraisers on January 8th. Who will win the victory in this confrontation?

Our predictions and expert analysis on Nemiga vs Hellraisers


Nemiga had a good last tournament. Recall that the team took part in the Xmas Show and reached the finals of the lower bracket. However, at that stage, she was defeated by Gaimin Gladiators with a score of 1:2. Nevertheless, at that championship the team showed itself from the best side, having dealt with the same Hellraisers (2:0), as well as beating dry - 2:0.

Note that Nemiga has a fairly competitive line-up, but is unlikely to be able to get out of the Tier-2 level. But within the Dota Pro Circuit, she has a real chance to get into the playoffs.

Nemiga vs Hellraisers


Hellraisers have changed their roster a lot. The team looks strong on “paper”, but in fact, most likely, it will perform on the tier-2 stage. Previously, she also participated in the Xmas Show, but lost to Spirit (1:2) before she lost to Nemiga. In some matches, the team, of course, showed itself from the best side, but made strange decisions in the game.

Perhaps Solo doesn't fully understand the current meta, or the reason is completely different. Be that as it may, HellRaisers cannot find stability.

Nemiga vs Hellraisers Facts

  • Total under 2.5 maps: four out of five matches with Nemiga took place on two maps.

Game Totals Prediction

Nemiga dealt with Hellraisers very confidently last time. Lately, she has shown a good level of play, while HellRaisers were heavily dependent on the draft. Nemiga improvises more in the game, due to which it causes problems for many opponents. We believe that she will win the victory. Our prediction - Nemiga win for 1.55 in Mostbet bookmaker.

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