Tundra vs PSG.LGD. ESL Berlin Major match prediction

Tundra Esports will take on PSG.LGD on May 1 as part of the Berlin Major match. What to bet on in this fight? Look for the answer in prediction.

Our predictions and expert analysis on Tundra vs PSG.LGD


Tundra finished first in the group stage with 14 points. The team showed a very confident game in all matches and won six victories. Recall that she completed the last stage on a series of three victories. She managed to deal with Xtreme Gaming, beastcoast and SMG.

Tundra isn't afraid to pick greedy heroes like Wraith King and Naga Siren, or Slark and Alchemist, as her ability to lane well and farm fast often ends the map in less than 30 minutes. In addition, the team knows how to delay games if they do not go according to its scenario.

Tundra vs PSG.LGD


PSG.LGD finished fourth in Group A with nine points. No one knew what to expect from the team as it had not competed on the international scene for a long period of time. Of course, the Chinese are no longer as strong as before, and have significantly changed the composition, but in no case should they be written off.

The team's drafts are still quite good. As a rule, LGD can play fast DotA, but if they wish, they can act as the second number and wait for mistakes from their opponent.

Tundra vs PSG.LGD Facts

  • Total under 2.5 maps - four out of five matches with the participation of Tundra ended with a score of 2:0.

Game Totals Prediction

Tundra had a great group stage and looked very powerful. It can be seen that the team was able to fully adjust to the new patch, unlike PSG.LGD, who have not quite entered the rhythm yet. Considering that Tundra ended most of the past matches in their favor with a score of 2:0 at the end of the group stage, we suggest betting on its success. Our prediction is Tundra's victory at 1.72 in Mostbet bookmaker.

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