Astralis vs Na'Vi. Prediction for ESL Pro League Match

Astralis will face Natus Vincere on March 16. Is it possible for the yellow-blacks to succeed in this confrontation? Look for the answer in our prediction.

Our predictions and expert analysis on Astralis vs Na'Vi


Astralis has shown mixed results in the past and sometimes experienced serious problems even at tier 2. The team has not taken good positions in major tournaments for a long time, so it can hardly claim anything serious at the current championship. Recall that in the opening match, the Danes lost to Spirit with a score of 0:2.

Moreover, the team was the favorite of that meeting and did not manage to take even more than 11 rounds on any of the maps. We emphasize that all the players completed that confrontation with negative indicators.

Astralis vs Na'Vi


Natus Vincere, unlike their rivals, were regularly selected for the playoffs at major tournaments and played great from time to time. However, due to all the reshuffles that have taken place, they have not been able to find stability. Note that in this championship the yellow-blacks also started with a defeat.

So, they were considered clear favorites in the duel with forZe, but lost with a score of 1:2, while at the decisive Inferno they could not score more than 11 rounds. s1mple looked the best in that match, finishing it with +28. 

Astralis vs Na'Vi Facts

  • Total under 2.5 maps: two matches out of three between the teams took place on two maps.

Game Totals Prediction

We think that Natus Vincere can count on a favorable outcome in this confrontation. The yellow-blacks are currently in better shape than the Danes, who have not shown a good game against strong opponents for a long time. In addition, past matches between the teams, as a rule, ended in favor of Na'Vi. Our prediction - Na'Vi win at 1.42 in Mostbet.

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