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Team Vitality vs ENCE. Prediction for the match PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: European RMR B

Team Vitality and ENCE will meet on February 21 as part of the third gaming day of PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: European RMR B. We have prepared current forecasts for this confrontation, in which we have collected its main features and patterns.

Our predictions and expert analysis on Team Vitality vs ENCE

Team Vitality

Team Vitality started the current tournament almost like a standard and consistently beat GamerLegion (13:2) on Nuke and Heroic (13:3) on Overpass. But it was not possible to quickly make it through the playoffs of the competition. The team faced Cloud9 and sensationally lost with a score of 1:2 on maps. We managed to beat our opponent on Inferno (13:8), but Overpass (8:13) and Anubis (5:13) were failures. Now the Vitality performers are definitely angry, so they will try to act almost flawlessly.

Team Vitality vs ENCE


ENCE started the current tournament frankly badly and lost to Team Spirit with a score of 0:13 on Overpass. True, after that they managed to score two victories in a row, but the team outplayed not the strongest opponents. First, we managed to demolish Guild Eagles (13:6) on Anubis. The team took advantage of the fact that the opponent simply fell behind the defense. And then, with great difficulty, we managed to defeat GamerLegion (16:14) on Nuke; we had to play tense overtimes.

Team Vitality vs ENCE Facts

  • Correct score – 2:0 - Six of Team Vitality's last 14 matches ended with this result.

Game Totals Prediction

Team Vitality remains one of the best teams on the planet, trying to demonstrate optimal play. And the latest misfire should only anger the performers, who will try not to repeat it again. ENCE is not conducting the current draw in the best way, although it has good statistics. But against a strong opponent it will be extremely difficult to achieve the optimal result.

We believe that in this confrontation the favorite will make short work of the outsider. Bet – Team Vitality wins with a score of 2:0 on maps. In Mostbet they allow you to place a bet with odds of 1.99.

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