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Astralis vs Heroic. Prediction for the match PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: European RMR B

Astralis and Heroic will meet on February 20 as part of the next gaming day of PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: European RMR B. We have prepared an up-to-date prediction for this confrontation, in which we have collected the best betting options.

Our predictions and expert analysis on Astralis vs Heroic


Astralis continues to demonstrate high quality play. In the opening round of the current tournament, it turned out to be stronger than Nexus Gaming with a score of 13:5 on Ancient, and did not experience any particular problems. True, already in the second round I had to go through a tough test of strength. But even against Team Spirit (11:13) on Vertigo we managed to show ourselves very well. The team had excellent chances to reach overtime, but in the decisive round the shooting accuracy was slightly lacking. And now “Astralis” must carry out high-quality work on the mistakes.

Astralis vs Heroic


Heroic doesn't look particularly confident after the lineup change. So during the current rally, the team is quite in a fever. She started with a victory over Preasy Esport (13:9) on Ancient, but even in the series with an obvious outsider she had to experience quite serious difficulties. And then the team lost to Team Vitality (3:13) on Overpass with virtually no chance, a total failure. Therefore, now it will be very difficult for the team to quickly recover from that misfire.

Astralis vs Heroic Facts

  • Correct score – 1:0 - Astralis won five of their last 10 matches.

Game Totals Prediction

Astralis demonstrates a very convincing and high-quality game, making great use of its strengths. But in the current tournament, I was unlucky enough to get to one of the main favorites quickly enough. Heroic, after the changes made to the lineup, is not particularly stable.

We believe that the 14th number in the world ranking will be stronger in this confrontation. The bet is victory for Astralis. In Mostbet they allow you to place a bet with odds of 1.64.

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