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Fnatic vs SAW. Prediction for the match PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: European RMR A

Fnatic and SAW will compete with each other as part of the next gaming day of PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: European RMR A. We have prepared an up-to-date prediction for this confrontation, in which we have collected its main features and patterns.

Our predictions and expert analysis on Fnatic vs SAW


Fnatic has yet to find its stability within the current tournament, although it is performing very well. The team began its journey with a victory over BetBoom Team (13:6) on Anubis, and looked much stronger than the opponent. But then the eSports players literally fell apart under the pressure of Virtus.pro (3:13) on Ancient. After that the swing continued. The team beat AMKAL ESPORTS (13:11) on Overpass and got closer to getting into the next stage of the competition. And then he sensationally lost to KOI with a score of 0:2 in the series and didn’t win a single map.

Fnatic vs SAW


SAW is wildly feverish during the current competition, the international team lacks organization and discipline. First came a rather expected defeat from Virtus.pro (6:13) on Ancient. Then the team completely fell apart under the pressure of 9 Pandas (1:13) on Anubis. But we managed to work on the mistakes and turn the situation around. Victories over Ninjas in Pajamas (2:0) and ENTERPRISE (2:0) helped maintain their place in the tournament. And now you need to jump over your head in order to finally complete what you started.

G2 Esports vs Monte Facts

  • Correct score – 2:1 - two of the last six SAW matches ended with this result.

Game Totals Prediction

Fnatic has a more experienced roster and does not allow any serious breakdowns. It is worth noting that only the last defeat turned out to be sensational, but it should only have angered the e-sportsmen. SAW does not yet have the same stability that would allow it to gain a foothold at the top level of the professional scene. And the current tournament is the best confirmation of this.

We believe that experience will be the key factor in this confrontation. The bet is Fnatic victory. In Mostbet they allow you to place a bet with odds of 1.84.

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