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Gran Canaria vs Real Madrid. Prediction for the Spanish Championship match

On January 28, Real Madrid will have an away match with Gran Canaria. Will the capital team take home victory? Bets and prediction will answer this question.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Gran Canaria vs Real Madrid

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is not memorable for anything special this season. Xhaka Lakovic's team performs at their level, but does not impress with their phenomenal achievements. They are in fifth place in the Spanish Championship standings, having won 12 of 19 matches.

In the previous round, Gran Canaria left no chance for Murcia at home (91:80). Immediately after this, in the Eurocup, the “islanders” defeated the Polish “Slask” (92:68).

Real Madrid

Recently, in the domestic championship, Real suffered its second misfire of the season. On the road, Matteo Hus' team lost to Murcia (61:73). True, this did not affect the position of the “royal club”, as it continues to lead the standings.

Last weekend, Madrid left no chance for Bilbao at home (95:80). After that, in the Euroleague, Real beat the Greek Olympiacos with a similar score.

Gran Canaria vs Real Madrid

Gran Canaria vs Real Madrid facts

  • Gran Canaria total over 80.5 points - in 3 of the last 5 matches the players of this team have scored more than 80 points;
  • Slaughter's total rebounds is less than 2.5 - AJ had less than three rebounds in 3 of his last 4 games.

Game Totals Prediction

Real regularly beat Gran Canaria. Even on the road, the capital team does not have any problems. For example, last season the Madrid team won here with a difference of eight points. At the moment, the championship leader is showing an excellent game, so everything should happen again.

Our prediction is “Real” with a handicap (-4.5) points for 1.82 in Mostbet.

Gran Canaria have scored at least 83 points in 3 of their last 5 home matches. Real Madrid's performance is at a similar level. Taking this into account, we believe that the face-to-face meeting will be a success. 

Prediction: total over 165.5 points. In Mostbet, such a bet can be placed for 1.72.

In only one of his last five games did Slaughter score more than ten points. It is unlikely that the Polish representative will feel comfortable in the battle with the Real Madrid defense.

Prediction - AJ Slaughter: Under 10.5 points total. Mostbet offers odds of 1.85.

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