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Cloud9 vs MOUZ. Prediction for the match BLAST Premier: World Final 2023

Cloud9 and MOUZ will meet on December 15 as part of the quarterfinal stage of the BLAST Premier: World Final 2023 tournament. We have prepared prediction for this confrontation, in which we have collected the best betting options.

Our predictions and expert analysis on Cloud9 vs MOUZ


Cloud9 held the group stage of the competition quite confidently. We started with a victory over ENCE with a score of 2:0, and dealt with the opponent as easily as possible. But then came the expected defeat from Team Vitality (0:2), and it was impossible to cope with the main favorite of the group. “Clouds” tried to impose decent resistance on each of the maps. But the final result, frankly speaking, was disappointing. And yet it is clear that the CIS lineup looks strong and powerful, and uses its strengths well. Another positive factor is that each player can take on the role of leader.

Cloud9 vs MOUZ


MOUZ is not particularly stable yet, the young roster makes mistakes at the wrong time. In particular, at the group stage it all started with a disastrous defeat from G2 Esports with a score of 0:2; practically nothing happened in that series. But then they managed to completely reboot and improve the situation - the performers dealt with Heroic (2:0), giving only eight rounds. Such a convincing victory should definitely have a positive impact on the emotional state of the players, who are heavily dependent on the microclimate in the roster.

Cloud9 vs MOUZ Facts

  • Exact score – 2:0 - two of the last three MOUZ matches ended with this result.

Game Totals Prediction

Over the course of a long time, Cloud9 has painstakingly assembled a roster with which it is now truly capable of solving the most serious problems. The team will try to make every effort to make it to the semi-finals of the competition and confirm its highest status. In addition, MOUZ has big problems with stability, which can greatly affect the final result.

We believe that Cloud currently looks like a much more balanced and confident squad, so they should achieve the desired result. The bet is victory for Cloud9. In bookmaker Mostbet they allow you to place a bet with odds1.66.

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