South Korea vs Portugal. Prediction for the match of the World Cup

South Korea has not yet won the tournament, but whether Portugal will be able to extend this series on December 2. What bet to make?

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on South Korea vs Portugal

South Korea

The South Korean national team was not considered a clear contender for the playoffs - opponents such as Portugal and Uruguay left little chance of success. In the first round, Paulo Bento 's team met with Uruguay, which they managed to impose their game on. In general, the match was held in an equal fight, where the "Asian Tigers" were in no way inferior to a more eminent opponent, taking one point in a goalless draw.

In the second round , South Korea was already considered the favorite in the confrontation with Ghana. However, the Asian Tigers conceded in the opening, allowing the opponent to score with one more goal before the break. Having made a comeback by the 61st minute, South Korea did not even hold a draw in the end, making another scoring mistake. Thus, today the "Asian tigers" only need a victory.

South Korea vs Portugal


The Portuguese national team before the start of the group stage was considered the main contender for victory in the group. In the first round, the team of Fernando Santos met with Ghana, where they probably expected to get an easy victory. However, the "black stars" did not want to give points, and in a tough fight the Portuguese won 3:2, almost losing the victory in stoppage time after Diogo Costa's mistake.

In the second round, Portugal was more organized, collected in defense, the Portuguese did not allow anything at their gates to create an opponent before their goal was scored. In the second half, the constant pressure paid off - twice the “team of the elite” scored goals, and the opponent was already exhausted and failed to provide a proper answer. A ticket to the playoffs was thus obtained.

Game Totals Prediction

The Portuguese national team has already issued a ticket to the playoffs and today they can afford to play without much pressure for the result. The mentor will definitely use rotation, there will not be much motivation - it is obvious that the "team of the elite" will not perform at full strength. This may well be used by South Korea, which needs a victory. The "Asian Tigers" will obviously take risks and will not be left without their goal, but it will be difficult to keep their own gates shut, given the level of the opponent.

We believe that there will be goals in the match. Prediction: both teams to score. In Mostbet bookmaker, such an outcome is offered with a coefficient of 1.81.

The Portuguese national team no longer has a tournament motivation, only in a fantastic scenario the Portuguese can lose the first line, but not a ticket to the playoffs. South Korea, in turn, will be extremely motivated, in the matches with Ghana and Uruguay, the "Asian Tigers" showed that they are quite competitive against the background of their group rivals, it makes sense to take a risk and give preference to them, especially since Uruguay strategically deprive all chances in the playoffs, the “team of the elite” is profitable.

Our second bet will be the victory of South Korea. In Mostbet, such an outcome is offered with a coefficient of 4.35.

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