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G2 Esports vs Monte. Prediction for the match Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2024

G2 Esports and Monte will meet on February 6 as part of the next gaming day at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2024. We have prepared an up-to-date prediction for this confrontation, in which we have collected the best betting options.

Our predictions and expert analysis on G2 Esports vs Monte

G2 Esports

G 2 Esports started their journey to the playoffs quite confidently. But this was followed almost immediately by a misfire. The team was unable to cope with ENCE (0:2), and was able to score only 15 rounds in two maps. It is curious that on both Mirage and Anubis , e-sportsmen experienced very big problems in attack. But now they will try to make every effort to carry out quality work on the mistakes. Therefore, the “Knights” are simply obliged to completely reboot in the lower bracket of the competition.

G2 Esports vs Monte


Monte immediately flew into the lower bracket, which became a big problem for this squad. But the lack of room for error only further encouraged the e-sportsmen. They quite unexpectedly knocked Cloud9 (2:0) out of the way and did it with a clean sheet. Now the team has regained some confidence in its own abilities and is quite capable of imposing very worthy resistance on any opponent. Therefore, esports players from Monte expect to get the most signature cards at the draft stage in order to feel as comfortable as possible. It’s worth noting that players don’t have many locations with a high win rate up their sleeves.

G2 Esports vs Monte Facts

  • Correct score – 2:1 - three of the last nine G2 Esports matches ended with this result.

Game Totals Prediction

G2 Esports continues to demonstrate not the most stable game and is experiencing quite serious problems. But at the same time, the team is still distinguished by the highest level of performing skills. Monte continues to have a pretty serious fever. The eSports players created a huge sensation in the previous round, but repeating such success will be extremely difficult.

We believe that the Knights will still be able to stump their opponents. The bet is victory for G2 Esports. In Mostbet they allow you to place a bet with odds of 1.69.

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