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Astralis vs Eternal Fire. Prediction for the ESL Pro League match

On September 26 there will be a meeting between Astralis and Eternal Fire, for which we will try to give an accurate prediction.

Our predictions and expert analysis on Astralis vs Eternal Fire


Astralis are in fifth place in the world rankings, but they constantly need to prove that they deserve to be in this position. Note that the Danes qualified for this tournament without any problems and went on a three-game winning streak after losing to NIP.

In the last match, the team defeated FURIA with a score of 2:0. Quite often, the “stars” took Vertigo or Overpass with their pick. On these maps they now have 100% and 78% win rates, respectively, so they feel extremely comfortable on them.

Astralis vs Eternal Fire

Eternal Fire

Eternal Fire primarily performed on the tier-2 stage, so they do not have any serious achievements behind them. The team is ranked 25th in the world rankings, and for them participation in this tournament can already be called a great achievement.

The Turks, however, performed well in the qualifiers. “Lights” were able to prove their superiority over Cloud9 (2:0) and Liquid (2:0), thus creating two sensations in a row. It is noteworthy that currently none of the EF cards have less than a 50% win rate.

Astralis vs Eternal Fire Facts

  • Total over 2.5 maps - the last match between the teams passed with a score of 2:1.

Game Totals Prediction

We think that Eternal Fire can compete for victory in this confrontation. They are on a roll after several victories in a row against strong opponents. It is far from a fact that Astralis will immediately join the fight, because previously they were not stable at major tournaments.

Prediction - victory of Eternal Fire for 2.55 in Mostbet.

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