Na'Vi vs FaZe. Prediction for Paris Major

Na'Vi will face FaZe Clan in a knockout match on May 16th. What is the best bet? Look for the answer in prediction.

Our predictions and expert analysis on Na'Vi vs FaZe


Natus Vincere did not have stable results before, so it was not clear what form they would take to this major. However, after four fights, it became clear that the team is far from being in the best condition.

Thus, the yellow-blacks lost to Liquid (9:16), and after defeating NIP (16:9) they lost to Monte (0:2), although they were considered the clear favorites of that confrontation. On the second map with Monte, the “born to win” limited themselves to only two taken rounds and completely failed the attack side.

Na'Vi vs FaZe


FaZe Clan also showed not the best results at major events over the past two months and with great difficulty dealt with even tier-2 rivals. Let us emphasize that the team started the Major with two losses from Heroic and ITB.

Fortunately, in subsequent fights with 9INE (2:0) and Bad News Eagles (2:1), the “phases” celebrated success. The last match against the "eagles" was held in a tense struggle, but nevertheless, at the decisive Inferno, the team achieved victory with a score of 16:14. By the way, FaZe took Overpass with their pick, where they scored only three rounds.

Na'Vi vs FaZe Facts

  • Total over 2.5 maps - the last match with FaZe took place on three maps.

Game Totals Prediction

It is difficult to single out a favorite in this confrontation, since the teams are absolutely equal in strength and have previously shown mediocre results. However, a month ago the teams met within the framework of RMR, and then the yellow-blacks proved their superiority with a score of 2:0, without giving up more than 11 rounds on any of the maps. In addition, in our opinion, Na'Vi are in the best individual shape. Our prediction - Na'Vi win for 1.87 in Mostbet.

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