Skyliners vs Bayern. Prediction for the match of the championship of Germany

Prediction and bet on Skyliners vs Bayern, statistics, odds. October 3rd. Will Bayern win a third victory in a row?

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Skyliners vs Bayern


Last season, the Skyliners were the points supplier for the rest of the teams. Then the wards of Luca Dalmonte were fighting for survival. They completed their task. The team from Frankfurt am Main remained in the elite division.

During the off-season, the Skyliners changed head coach. Dalmonte's place was taken by Geert Hamminck. The team has also been strengthened by several qualified players. For example, Lithuanians joined the ranks of the team from Frankfurt am Main - Martinas Geben and Laurynas Beliskauskas. With these performers, the team performs much better. For example, in the previous match, Skyliners fought Bayreuth (82:83).


Bayern failed to win the title last season. Then the team from Munich lost to Alba Berlin in the final series. Of course, this hit the vanity of Munich, so they will try to perform better in the new championship.

Bayern confidently won the first match of the new season. Two days ago, Andrea Trinchieri's wards left no chance for Ratiopharm. The team from Ulm lost with a score of 80:87.

Skyliners vs Bayern

Skyliners vs Bayern facts

  • 1st quarter: over 40.5 points - in 3 out of 5 last matches of Bayern, this mark was broken through;
  • Bayern's total under 87.5 points - Bayern have not scored more than 87 points in their last three matches.

Game Totals Prediction

In the previous season, Bayern beat the Skyliners twice confidently. Those fights were boring. In them, the Frankfurters did not even score 55 points. It is very likely that this time it is not worth waiting for special results. The Skyliners, of course, are playing a little better now, but not enough to break through the defensive redoubts of Bayern.

Our prediction - total less than 163 points for a coefficient of 1.77 in Mostbet.

We believe that the Skyliners will not be able to fight Bayern. Still, there is a different weight category. Without any problems, the guests should take the victory.

The second prediction is Bayern with a handicap (-10.5) points for 1.64.

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