Fortaleza vs America Mineiro. Prediction for the Copa Sudamericana match

"Fortaleza" confidently won in the first match against "America Mineiro". Will it be possible to repeat the success of September 1 with local fans?

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Fortaleza vs America Mineiro


Fortaleza played competently on the road in the first face-to-face confrontation and, with a 99.9% probability, secured access to the next round. In order to qualify for the semi-finals, it is enough for the club not to lose by a difference of two or more goals. The task is more than feasible, given that the team will play at home.

America Mineiro

After losing at home to a future opponent, America Mineiro played a match with Sao Paulo and managed to win with a minimum score of 2:1. This year, the guests have already played Fortaleza twice and failed in both meetings. It seems that already in the first game the team understood that they had no chance against the "tricolors".

Fortaleza vs America Mineiro

Fortaleza vs America Mineiro facts

  • Correct score 3:1 - the hosts won the last two victories with exactly this score;
  • "Fortaleza" will score in the first half - in three of the last four matches, the bet has been successful;
  • America Mineiro will score in the second half - in the last three matches, America Mineiro have scored after the break.

Game Totals Prediction

Fortaleza is playing well against America Mineiro, but the defensive line of the hosts of the upcoming confrontation sometimes fails, because at home the club missed in four of the last five matches.

Face-to-face meetings are consistently successful. This is confirmed by the fact that over the past five matches in four, both one and the other team scored. We believe that in the upcoming match there will be a similar situation. 

Our prediction is both teams will score. Mostbet accepts the event with odds 2.06.

The guests seem to have come to terms with the fact that they will fly out of this tournament, so you should not expect strong resistance from them. If "Fortaleza" will play as in the first meeting, then the victory will again be hers. 

Our prediction is Fortaleza's victory. Mostbet event offers to take with a coefficient of 1.65.

Five corners were taken in the first head-to-head match. It's strange, because, as a rule, clubs draw up a lot of innings from the corner flag. Fortaleza - 4.6 on average per match, and America Mineiro - 4.3. We believe that the teams will play the second match more productively in terms of corners. 

Our prediction is over 8.5 corners. Mostbet accepts the event with odds 1.75.

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