Derick Lewis vs Marcos Rogerio De Lima. Prediction for the fight

UFC heavyweight fighter Derick Lewis will face Marcos Rogerio De Lima at the Ultimate Fighting Championship tournament. Will the American manage to defeat the Brazilian in the UFC 291 fight in Salt Lake City on July 30 and break the losing streak?

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Derick Lewis vs Marcos Rogerio De Lima

Derick Lewis

Derrick Lewis ' losing streak started in early 2022. Then the "black beast" suffered a crushing defeat (knockout in the second round) from Tai Tuivasa. Then in July of the same year, Sergei Pavlovich sent Derik to a technical knockout in the first round, and at the beginning of this year, the American, after a long series of blows from Sergei Spivak, refused to continue the fight. It seems that the once "thunderstorm" of heavy weight is slowly going to retire. 

Derick Lewis vs Marcos Rogerio De Lima

Marcos Rogerio De Lima

Marcos Rogerio De Lima is a veteran Brazilian mixed martial artist. He is currently on a two win streak. In October last year, I managed to win against Andrey Orlovsky, and in April of this year, I defeated Kostas Acosta on points. The last two opponents are not the kind of puncher that Lewis is considered to be. You will need to constantly keep your ears sharp, because just one missed blow from a powerful American can send a Brazilian fighter to sleep. Nevertheless, in this match, the nominal guest of the fight is the favorite. It will be necessary to try to justify this status. 

Derick Lewis vs Marcos Rogerio De Lima facts

  • Derek Lewis wins by KO - in the last two victorious fights, Derek Lewis won by knockout.

Fight prediction

Marcos Rogerio De Lima is no longer young. Yes, he has more experience than Derrick Lewis, but it’s not a fact that he will be able to constantly evade the sweeping blows of the “black beast”. 

It is enough for Derik to hit once to unsettle the eminent Brazilian fighter. We believe that it will be quite realistic for the American to do this, so we will bet on his victory in this fight. 

Our prediction - Derrick Lewis will win. Mostbet evaluates the event with odds 2.75.

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