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Atalanta vs Milan. Serie A prediction

Prediction and bet on Atalanta vs Milan, statistics, odds. Atalanta hosts the Italian champions AC Milan on August 21, who will win this time?

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Atalanta vs Milan


Atalanta in the last draw was in the eighth position and quite a bit was not enough for it to reach the top seven. In control matches, the team suffered setbacks at the end of the training camp. More and a number of major players will not be able to take part in this meeting.

"Goddess" in the first round dealt with "Sampdoria" with a score of 2:0.


Milan was finally able to take the league title in the last season, and almost all the leaders managed to keep in the team. At the training camp, the Milanese looked just great, scoring a lot. Until now, the star Zlatan Ibrahimovic has not returned from the infirmary.

The Red-Blacks scored four goals against Udinese (4:2) a few days ago.

Atalanta vs Milan

Atalanta vs Milan facts

  • Exact score 0:2 - Milan won 2-0 in two out of three head-to-head matches;
  • Atalanta won't score - Atalanta haven't scored in two out of three head-to-head games;
  • Milan total over 1.5 - Atalanta have conceded at least two goals in their previous three head-to-head matches.

Game Totals Prediction

In our opinion, in this confrontation it is better to bet on a high total. The hosts have a lot of problems today, but they have always been extremely productive. We think that Atalanta will be able to excel in their native land, the selection of performers is quite good.

In addition, the Milanese themselves are able to break through the total, as they score a lot.

Our prediction - total goals over 2.5 for 1.79 in Mostbet.

In our opinion, Atalanta is unlikely to score points in this match - the opponent is extremely serious and expects to win today. Milan's squad is amazing, so even away he is a favorite. Most likely, as in most face-to-face matches, the victory will remain with the "red-blacks".

We take the victory of "Milan" for 2.51.

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